Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's been too long since I've posted. I've had to do some mourning for my teams and their losses in the recent tournament. Work has been a little crazy as well. But I just finished a pretty good book, and found a great resource to share.

I have always been a reader - as a kid I brought home stacks of books from the library.
I still do that. Except it takes me a little longer to turn the pile back in.
I love to share my love of reading with . . . well. . .  anyone I know.
So friends and family often get great reads for gifts. (Well, I think they're great reads!)
Or I pass along a recommendation or two. A week. :)
Many little people in my life often also get books.
Because I like to give individualized gifts, the books typically are specifically for a person.
My godson (and cousin), Jack, has the entire collection of Doreen Cronin books. My belief is that if you have a read a book over and over and over again, it damn well better be entertaining. And so for little ones who are being read to, or who are learning to read, I like to find funny books. My favorites of Cronin's are Dooby Dooby Moo and Diary of a Worm. I also like to give books that send messages. For a recent baby-of-a-feminist, I gave them The Paperbag Princess - LOVE this story. The princess saves the prince and herself from a dragon. Awesome. Another fun one along this line is Tough Chicks.

Can the chicks be too loud, too independant and too tough? And also play with tractors? HELL YES. [The book doesn't use this kind of language, by the way, that's just me! :)] A great message about what 'good' means and how to be yourself. Love it.
But, I have digressed. Clearly I have put a tad bit of thought into this.
So . . . to bring it back . . . I found a great resource to use, and just had to share, because I can't be the only person on earth who buys books for kids! So . . . My buddy James Patterson has put this website together.
It's called READKIDDOREAD - their goal is to make kids readers for life. How awesome is that?
I even found a book called SAVVY. You know it's going to make it's way to a savvyboy some day . . .

To find your own cool books to read or share with others, go to
I promise I haven't bought stock.

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